Quincy, MA | 2013

The Prosthetic for Protest project seeks to demonstrate the potential power of art and design to make human rights and awareness in to a civic and public issue of importance.  These wearable devices aid citizens in exercising their “right to know”. The design intent is to use them to project upon the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) office the same sounds and smells which were emitted upon the town of Quincy, MA for two months by a low flying airplane.  

An exhibition of these prosthetic devices included a library of scents which were researched to recreate the experience based on the descriptions from Quincy residents along with an installation of a long trough-like scent dispensing mechanism of the final designed scent. The primary ingredient in the final design was the pungent Latin American herb, epazote, which after being finely ground smells similar to gasoline. 

Project partner:  Rachel Dickey