Outstanding Murano Glass Festival | Venice, Italy | 2012

Innovation campuses placed strategically upon a Glass Loop path drive the evolution of the Murano glass making industry, and drive people to move through the space in an inviting and intriguing way.  Program and movement are the main factors in the success of the glass biennale.  Temporary exhibits are celebrated at their beginning and end, to allow for diversity of display spaces and forward movement in the use of glass sculpture technology.  Water, electricity and fire, elements integral in the making of glass, represent different parts of the loop.  As energy foundations provide unique identities for each island, direction of the light and sight lines offer a set of guidelines on which spaces are chosen to act as display areas.  These elements also guide the placement of each sculpture within the space. The Murano glass and innovation festival brings refreshing energy to the entire archipelago, as well as the unique and beautiful art of glass making itself.

Energy research will be a driver for the evolution of Murano glass making.  Innovation campuses will be placed on Sacca Serenella and Sacca san Mattia and create unique identities for each island in the archipelago based on energy types.   Murano remains as the island Inovation of fire, Sacca Serenella’s innovation campus focuses on electricity and Sacca san Mattia’s emphasizes on water research.   As new research ideas are found and applied to Murano glass making they will be displayed in areas adjacent to the innovation campuses.  These innovation campuses will bring new life, and more importantly, energy, to the historic glass making nature of the Murano archipelago.

Lights on pathways lead people through the loop to glass display spaces.  In display spaces where energies clash, the lights are interactive and illuminate displays based on kinetic energy.

Utilizing energy as a foundation for island identity creates display areas where these elements collide; “clash spaces”.  These are special display areas which are celebrated not only through glass exhibits, but the use of kinetic energy within the lit glass wayfinding elements.   The interaction of people with pavers and other ground or wall elements will bring additional energy to the display of each sculpture.  The clash spaces then act as an exhibition area that has real life, and constantly changing interest, inviting people to come back multiple times throughout the year, and even throughout a single day.  Fire and water clash in Campo san Bernardo, water and electricity clash in Campo san Donato, and fire and electricity clash at the innovation campus on Sacca Serenella.

Project partner:  Kammeron Hughes